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Hanging Storage Basket

Hanging Storage Basket

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Reuse the space & Store all the bits and pieces

Multiple uses & Large capacity storage baskets to meet your different needs

Keep your home life storage shelves organized and clutter-free.


▶ Multi-Functional Storage
Large capacity storage, sort small items, organize daily necessities, create convenient baskets, hanging baskets, use dirty laundry baskets, place and classify more clearly.

▶ Space Saving
Hang in tandem, stack, and store, easy to hang on doors, walls, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and home office closets. Great for storing dry goods in the pantry; utilizes vertical space.

▶ Flexible Use

  • Positive and negative hooks can be hung in both directions, hooks can be flipped to meet your different needs. (Note: Rods within 20mm in diameter can be hung)
  • Can be handheld can be placed flat, the use of more flexible.
  • Front body tilt, easy to pick up.

▶ Unique Design

  • Drainage hole design: the bottom without accumulating water
  • Basket heightened: items placed firmly
  • Hollow design: let you quickly find the items you want and store them in an orderly manner in the kitchen and pantry storage boxes to ensure air circulation around, so that your fruits and vegetables are fresh and visible.
  • Simple design is beautiful and elegant, storage neater

▶ Sturdy & Durable
Made of high-quality thickened PP plastic, solid and corrosion-resistant, anti-crush and anti-deformation, easy to reuse 10 years.

▶ Wide Range of Use
Suitable for a variety of scenarios, Put it in the closet, store clothes, pants, underwear, towels. Put it in the kitchen to store rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea. Put it in the bathroom, store shampoo, shower gel. Put it in the living room to store fruits, snacks, and household sundries.


  1. Pass the fixing plate (the semi-circle is below) through the hole on the main body of the hanging basket and clamp it
  2. Align the hook hole with the fixing plate
  3. Pull the hook up hard, the buckle is stuck in the hook hole
  4. Complete the installation, hang it on the crossbar and use it


  • Material: High-quality PP plastic
  • Size: 122*78*227 mm/4.8*3.07*8.94 in
  • Color: White, gray
  • Package includes: 1* storage basket
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